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My Absolute Favorite Diet


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I know, I know. I am supposed to be ANTI-DIET.

So why am writing this blog post to tell you about the most amazing and effective diet I’ve ever done?

Why am I posting an embarrassing LU|EATS video to let you in on one of my best kept secrets to overcoming disordered eating behaviors, body hate and emotional sprints to the pantry in search of the Biscoff jar? {Side note: If you don’t know what Biscoff is – my apologies. It’s a cookie flavored sandwich spread that has PB and Nutella beat in my hungry – I mean humble – opinion. You can find it in the bread aisle. And you’re welcome.}

Why is this Eating Psychology Coach and Body Image Mentor recommending a diet for you in your final days of the year?

Because, I’m here for you.

Because I know what it feels like to be disappointed at your inability to meet the “health” resolutions you made 11 months prior.

Because I’ve felt the anxiety with weight, body shape and size.

I am familiar with the fears and disappointments that mount angry assaults on your mind in this season.

I’ve heard the chorus of inner voices proclaiming things like:

Next year I will finally drop the baby weight.”

“Next year my fitness and diet game will be on point.”

“Come January, I will get serious about chiseling that six-pack and sculpting those quads.”

“I am sick of this body and soon I won’t need to live with her anymore because I’m signing up for a fitness program, following a meal plan and downloading a calorie counter app.”

“2016 is the year I eat ‘clean.’”

I know the mental game of a person suffering from poor body image because I played it myself for three weary years.

And I also know that while at least 95% of diets fail meaning that studies reveal long term maintenance of weight loss through calorie restriction is rarely achieved and within 5 years most participants in weight loss programs have regained all of the pounds they lost PLUS SOME there is one diet that I continue to practice to this day.

It’s called The EyeCandy Diet and I’ve detailed it below in my first ever LU|EATS video.

**Be gentle with me, people – the camera is intimidating!  I’m working on it.**

  • Anonymous

    First, you are so articulate and communicate so well!
    Second, you are beautiful!
    Third, I am so proud of you!!

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