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Of Fairytales, Awkward First Dates and Body Love


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I recently had the honor of teaching as a guest expert in an amazing online program called The Body Love Sessions. If you receive my newsletter then there’s a good chance you signed up for the sessions and already read the lesson below. But, for those of you who missed it, I thought I would share the BODY LOVE in a blog post. Enjoy!
 Once upon a time there was a girl who was desperate for love and searching for “THE ONE.” Little did she know that while she was dreaming of the perfect partner, her best friend was waiting to be noticed – expressing adoration in countless unsung ways. Inevitably, a moment came when hands brushed, an embrace lingered, sparks flew and the girl realized “THE ONE” she was looking for had been beside her all along.
This is my love story, not only with my husband, but also – WITH MY BODY.
Like so many women, I once neglected my body with rigid diets and rigorous workouts, chasing perfection and happily ever after one calorie deficit at a time. Restriction led to binge eating, binge eating led to self-loathing and self-loathing led to restriction in a painful cycle that lasted for years. Because my body wasn’t “THE ONE” that I thought I SHOULD have, I took her for granted.
Can you relate?
Maybe your feminine curves are ridiculed by a mind that has long forgotten the satisfaction of being soft. Or perhaps you’ve forfeited appreciation for those magical arms of yours (the arms that comfort grieving friends and rock newborn babies to sleep) because they are dimpled with cellulite. It could be that you resent your own appetite, abandoning pleasure and nourishment for the sake of a six-pack.
I’ve been there, desperately searching for “The One,” my perfect body. And what I found is that she was ALREADY MINE, staring at me from the mirror, quietly waiting to be noticed. It wasn’t love at first sight, but rather a friendship that evolved into passion.
So, how does one develop this love? How do you make the leap from viewing your body as a forgotten friend (or worse, an enemy) to embracing her as your “ONE?”
Like any budding romance, it starts with a series of uncomfortable first dates. Initially, it’ll be awkward (like kissing your bestie). You’ll probably feel like a fraud. But, soldier on sweet body love warrior. I promise – it gets better!
If you want to build a relationship, you’ve got to treat your body like you would a potential love interest. Be curious. Google stalk her. (NERD ALERT: scientific facts about the human body and the way it functions for your benefit are a total turn on!) Give your body your full attention and silence outsiders. Stop following social media influencers who knock your girl. Defend her honor and surround yourself with others that do too. Make her comfortable. Adorn her with clothes that fit, feed her foods that feel good and seek out pleasurable experiences for her. Give her gifts and speak kindly. Let her know how damn amazing she is.
Pursue your body relentlessly and sooner or later those fumbling first dates will grow into a loyal partnership. Some might even call it LOVE.
It is time to invest in your body relationship. Take it as slow as you’d like. But, MAKE A MOVE. Learn about how she works, write her a love letter, give her the rest that she needs or the adventure she’s been craving. Buy her a perfectly fitting dress or reminisce on the times she took amazing care of you. Dance with her in the kitchen while cooking a meal. The possibilities are endless!
And, because no relationship is official without documenting it on social media (not!!!), snap a photo of your beautiful date and post it on Instagram, tag me @lueatsdotcom and use the hashtag #thebodylovesessions letting me know why your body is “THE ONE” for you OR tell me the moves you are making towards building a deeper connection to her. You can check out my personal example HERE.
If you’d like some help cultivating body love or overcoming unwanted eating behaviors – I’m your girl! CONTACT ME to learn more.

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