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Welcome to Episode 10 of the Untamed Podcast with guest Lourdes Hunter.

Lourdes Ashley Hunter is originally from Detroit, Michigan.  She’s been a catalyst for change having led grass roots initiatives that impact the socio-economic growth and development of communities disproportionately impacted by state sanctioned violence for over 20 years.  Lourdes is a healer, curator, orator and academic.  Most noted is her role as a transformative thought leader and change agent for grass-roots initiatives that affirm, uplift and celebrate the lived experiences, narratives and leadership development of trans and gender non-conforming, disabled, LGBT and poor communities of color.  Her undergraduate and graduate research, curriculum development, organizing and activism centers healing and restorative justice.

She has led successful creation and implementation of culturally competent best practices at government agencies such as the New York City Department of Homeless Services, New York City Human Resources Administration and New York Police Department and led collaborative efforts with the United Nations, The White House Anti-Violence Task Force, Office of National AIDS Policy, Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons all of which has set the tone for courageous conversations that center the needs of trans communities of color.

Lourdes boasts a Bachelors degree in Social Theory, Structure and Change with concentrations in Race, Class and Gender Studies from SUNY: Empire State College and an Executive Master of Public Administration from Rutgers University School of Public Affairs and Administration. In her capacity as an orator and lecturer she leads transformative discussions, lectures, seminars, direct actions and keynotes at countless Colleges and Universities across the U.S. expanding the narrative of state sanctioned violence and the ways oppression manifest in our lives.

Currently based in Washington D.C. Lourdes serves as Executive Director of Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) a grass-roots global initiative led by trans and gender non-conforming people of color that works to uplift the lived narratives, experiences and leadership of trans and gender non-conforming people of color, their families and comrades while building towards collective liberation for all oppressed people through healing and restorative justice.


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4:15 What Do You Want to Hear? Let Me Know! (untamedpodcast.com)

6:25 Lourdes’ Bio

9:05 Lourdes Introduces Herself + Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC)

9:50 Intersections of Oppression for Trans Women of Color

11:20 Why Lourdes Started Her Work with TWOCC

12:37 Lourdes Educates Listeners on Gender and Shares Her Lived Experience as a Trans Woman

20:45 Lourdes Shares Both Collective and Personal Experiences with Bigotry

25:55 Marginalization and Minority Stress Theory

29:15 Raising Kids to Question and Think Critically

32:18 Systems of Oppression and the Transgender Community

37:45 Family Response to Trans Individuals

41:15 Silence is Violence

45:30 Lourdes’ Advice on How Listeners Can Help

47:00 Trans Women of Color Collective

50:48 Equality vs. Liberation

51:55 Lourdes Answers the Untamed Closing Questions

54:55 One Word UN Words

56:05 How to Learn More and Stay Connected with Lourdes


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Lu Uhrich is the host and producer of the Untamed Podcast. She is also the founder of LU|EATS,LLC (www.lueats.com) where she works one-on-one with clients as an Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach.

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