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Welcome to Episode 15 of the Untamed Podcast with guest Sister Kate of Sisters of the Valley.

Sister Kate graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Business Education. She spent the first decade of her career working in project management in the credit card industry and the newly de-regulated telecom industry, before beginning her own consulting firm and embarking on a journey that took her, as an analyst, into a specialization in newly de-regulating industries. She consulted globally helping clients open for business in countries such as Canada, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Later, Sister Kate moved to California after some major life changes that made it impractical to continue in her international consulting career. So, she looked to California’s newest and most interesting de-regulating market: the cannabis industry. She founded a non-profit cannabis collective in the Fall of 2009 and opened for business in 2010. After three years of serving local terminal patients, and developing teas and tinctures for the express reason of avoiding potential injuries incurred by sick and dying patients who were learning to use cannabis paraphernalia, she decided to close her original cannabis business and focused on developing a product line that would reach even more people. During the Harvest Moon of 2014, Sister Kate developed her first line of products for the Sisters of the Valley.

Sisters of the Valley is an organization based in California’s Central Valley that is built on the tenants of spirituality, service and activism. Their fundamental mission is to get plant-based medicine into the hands of those in need – and to do that in a responsible and sustainable manner. The Sisters of the Valley, affectionately called the “Weed Nuns” by many, have recently gone viral. But, just in case you haven’t caught them in a video or a publication yet – this episode serves as the perfect introduction.

Weed Nuns

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2:55 Share or Leave a Review and Win a Coaching Call with Me!

6:10 Sister Kate’s Bio

8:55 Sister Kate Introduces Herself and Sisters of the Valley

9:54 My Personal Interest in CBD

10:50 Sister Kate Brings the Wisdom and the Generosity

12:10 The Barriers Faced by the Medical Community in Working with Cannabis

14:25 The Story Behind Sisters of the Valley

19:45 Cults, Hags and Beguines

22:45 The Vows

25:05 The Trouble with Institutionalized Religion

28:50 Preventing Hero Worship, Prayer, Meditation and Evolving Together

32:50 The Connection Between The Degradation of Women, The Planet and Cannabis

35:40 The “War on Weed” was Rooted in Racism

39:08 Pot, Politics and the Personal (Not-So-Private) Library

43:04 Cannabis and Health

49:10 Cannabis is a Smarty Pants

51:20 Confronting the Stigma

53:45 Changing the Law, Synthetic THC and Reparations

62:55 What’s Ahead for Sisters of the Valley

65:00 About the Brothers

70:00 Sister Kate Answers the Untamed Closing Questions

76:28 One Word UN Words

79:00 How to Learn More about Sisters of the Valley and Stay Connected with Sister Kate


Wholesale Site

Personal Not-So-Private Library

The History of Pot Prohibition and Racism

Book: Conflict is not Abuse

Cory Booker’s Marijuana/Racial Justice Bill

Synthetic Marijuana

Weed Nuns’ Viral Video with Aubrey Plaza

The Best Unsolicited Dick Pic Response







Lu Uhrich is the host and producer of the Untamed Podcast. She is also the founder of LU|EATS,LLC (www.lueats.com) where she works one-on-one with clients as an Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach.

Photography by Sam Interrante

Intro/Outro Music by Shoyei


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