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Welcome to Episode 19 of the Untamed Podcast with guest Ruby Taylor.

Ruby is a healer, social worker, filmmaker, and seed planter. Following a significant medical event that prevented her from continuing her work in the field of mental health, Ruby decided to change the world through film and advocacy.

Ruby’s first documentary, Mad Believer, explored the murder of her older brother and her anger towards God. This film has been screened at various venues including the African American Museum of Philadelphia, the Cape Fear Film Festival, the Lancaster Area Film Festival, and the Urban Philadelphia Film Festival. Her most recent documentary is the award winning Beautiful Me, an exploration of Black girls’ beauty through painted portraits by Atlanta based artist Shanequa Gay. This film has been recognized as the Best Documentary in the Princeton Independent Film festival and Best in Show at the Reading Film Festival.

In addition to her film creations, Ruby is the author of four books entitled Confidence to Greatness for Teenage Girls, No More Goodbyes-What The Bible Say’s About Winning In Grief, Good Grief Bear, and Aunt Ruby, Do I Look Like God?

Ruby is a graduate of Virginia Union University, and Howard University School of Social Work. She is originally from The Bronx, NY and currently resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Her next mission is to spread the truth and call to love no matter a persons gender or sexuality. In June 2018 she will release her latest book on that topic entitled,  The Book of SunShine.

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3:50 Next Episode Marks the End of Season 1 – STAY CONNECTED!

5:00 I’m Answering Your Questions on Episode 20

6:26 Rate, Review + Share Please!

7:40 Ruby’s Bio

9:47 Ruby Introduces Herself

11:33 Ruby Describes For Black Girls

13:37 About That Dove Commercial

16:20 The Story Behind For Black Girls

20:20 Commissioning Art to Celebrate Black Girl Beauty

23:22 The Documentary: Beautiful Me

25:05 The Importance of Celebrating Black Girls’/Women’s Beauty

29:00 Stereotypes and Oppression

33:30 Ruby Reads Her Poem: I Celebrate My Black Beauty

40:25 The Impact of Beautiful Me

46:20 The Augusta Savage Day of Beauty

48:40 What Beauty Means to Ruby

52:24 How You Can Get Involved

56:05 What’s Next for Ruby: Love is Love

60:20 A Few (Lu) Thoughts on Religion/Spirituality/Humanity

62:45 Ruby Answers the Untamed Closing Questions

69:58 One Word UN Words

71:15 How to Learn More about For Black Girls and Stay Connected with Ruby

72:40 Some Closing Thoughts on Belief + Acceptance



Beautiful Me Trailer

The Studio Museum in Harlem

Dove Body Wash Ad – Times Article

Gather Together In My Name by Maya Angelou

Viola Davis’ “Classic Beauty” Response

More About Augusta Savage







Lu Uhrich is the host and producer of the Untamed Podcast. She is also the founder of LU|EATS,LLC (www.lueats.com) where she works one-on-one with clients as an Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Life Coach.

Photography by Sam Interrante

Intro/Outro Music by Shoyei


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