You’re Probably Still Dieting

There’s a topic coming up frequently in my client sessions, a running theme that continues to surface. And while it takes various forms, the results are predictably the same: WOMEN FEELING COMPULSIVE, OUT-OF-CONTROL AND VORACIOUS AROUND FOOD. Maybe you can relate. I’ve been a Body Image Mentor and Eating Psychology Coach long enough to know that when these feelings are present, there’s really only [...]

I am Meatball Girl + Binge Eating Break Up Tips

A few months ago my friends were married in one of Manhattan’s secret gardens. Surrounded by beautiful buildings, bustling New York City sounds, and a small, supportive group of loved ones – they said, “WE DO.” It was a magical day from start to finish. One that I will never forget. And my memories don’t stop at their cutie dog smiling in his tux, the original vows that had me oscillating between tears and [...]

Your Story Isn’t Over

There’s something you should know – YOUR STORY ISN’T OVER. NoTHING and everyTHING can change. And for the better. But those “THINGS” may not be what you think. Yesterday, I was sitting on the beach in my bikini reflecting on past beach experiences with my husband. Specifically, the beach trips we took during the years that I struggled with body hate and disordered eating. I can still remember my [...]

Rest In Peace

We’re friends, right? I’m assuming that’s why you’re here. SO, GOOD… Because if we were friends catching up on a Wednesday afternoon, then I’d tell you I had an epiphany this weekend. I’d tell you (but most likely you’d already know) that I’ve been super hard on myself over the last few months feeling like a failure at LIFE, WORK, “MOMMYING,” “WIFING,” “WOMANING,” “FRIENDING,” “ACTIVIST-ING,” PODCASTING, [...]

The “Bad Body Image Day” Survey

Bad Body Image Days. We all have ‘em. Yep. All of us. Even the coaches, trainers, fitness celebs and clean eating cookbook creators. No one is immune from entertaining negative thoughts and feelings about their body. Not one of us is perpetually positive. So, what separates those who are regularly affected and consumed with negative body image from those who aren’t? And why do some people become obsessed with [...]

Make Like A Tree

If you’re currently at war with food and your body, then you’ve surely wondered (once, twice, or maybe ten thousand times) where disordered eating behaviors, fanatical fitness habits and poor body image come from? I bet you’ve asked yourself questions like, “Where did I acquire my beliefs about food, fitness and physique?” “And why, exactly, am I engaging in destructive activities [...]

A Note to My Younger Self on Our Birthday

Hey, Lu. It’s me, YOU. 34 year old you, to be exact. I woke up early this morning, on the day of our birth, bursting with gratitude that we’ve been blessed to complete another year of life. I laid, still in bed, listing off the year’s accomplishments and gifts. I set intentions for the twelve months ahead. I marveled at the beauty around us and acknowledged the abilities within us. I breathed slow, steady [...]

The Key to Changing Your Relationship With Food and Body

As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Body Image Mentor I receive plenty of questions. But, the one that I get the most, the one that nearly all of my clients and tons of social media followers and blog readers have asked, is this: “How in the world do I end food freak outs and begin to accept my body?” The answer is simple. It’s the application that’s hard. Though, not any harder than counting calories, [...]

Dear Women of Facebook

Dear Women of Facebook, I want you to know that I see you. I see the re-posts of articles you value, recipes you enjoy and quotes that you love. I smile as I click through your photos of summer vacation with your crazy-cute family, sporting events and day trips to the museum. I read your rants and giggle. Sometimes I find myself nodding in solidarity. Other times I shake my head in wonder at how very different [...]

Of Baby Mamas and Body Talk

Yesterday I overheard an interesting conversation in a department store check out line. I was with my three littles waiting to pay for the new shorts and shoes that my oldest daughter needed for camp. The people in front of us were dropping piles of clothing and accessories onto the counter and the cashier was frantically removing security tags, taking off hangers and unknotting necklaces. As a result, the line [...]

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