I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my dear friend Rande Moss of Rande Moss Wellness for a YouTube series she’s creating.

She asked me about my food and body history and the day I broke my scale. We also talked about my kids and why I opt them out of school-mandated weight checks. We covered topics like health at every size, advice for women who want to end their obsession with weight and my lifestyle philosophy of feeling fully alive.

I really enjoyed this interview with Rande and I think that you will too!

Binge Eating Podcast


I always enjoy talking about life, love and body image. But, discussing all that AND MORE with a lovely friend on her top-rated podcast is an even sweeter treat.

Mind Body Musings host Maddy Moon and I chatted about childhood, binge eating, first kisses, my man, why I compare body love to dating, favorites and plenty of other fun things too. It was such a blast! I think we could have kept the conversation going for hours.

Listen on iTunes by searching “Mind Body Musings” then stream or download episode 110. Or click the button below to hear the podcast online.

Fun Interviews


In this podcast episode I speak with friend and colleague Chris Sandel about my history with extreme dieting and binge eating disorder. We also talk about what inspired me to open my own practice, dealing with anxiety, the eye candy “diet” and so much more.

Chris is an amazing practioner and interviewer. Along with having a great line up of interesting, inspiring guests he produces solo episodes wherein he “geeks out” on food and body related topics to inform his listeners.

It was an honor to be a guest on Real Health Radio. Take a listen on iTunes by searching Real Health Radio episode 55. Or click the button below to get it online.



In this interview with Finding Body Freedom Podcast host, Cait Croteau, I bring the analogies and break down body image to help you understand why you feel and behave the way you do around food and body.

We talk eating psychology, body acceptance, cultural messaging, personal experience and so much more! Cait asked a ton of brilliant questions about the work that I do with clients. She also gets real by digging into where I need to take my own advice and (in keeping with the name of her show) asks just what body freedom means to me.

I loved our chat and I know that you will too! Listen below or search iTunes for Finding Body Freedom Podcast Episode 15.



Talking to Wilder Podcast host Karsyn Dupree was like sitting on the couch with a girlfriend sharing laughs and a whole lot of truth bombs. We chatted about women, body image, side-boob, politics, the meaning of “LU|EATS” and so much more.

We also discussed the pervasive media messaging and cultural norms that lead women to feel as though their bodies are public domain. Not cool. Karsyn killed it with the closing questions and got me to open up about the insecurities of being a mama. PLUS – we get hype over our mutual love of dance.

This podcast was so much fun to record. I’m sure it’s just as fun to listen to. Find it on iTunes by searching Wilder Podcast Episode 14 or get it below.

Lu Uhrich Divine Goddess Podcast Ep 2


In this fun convo, with host Maliane Lea, I share my definition of goddess. SPOILER ALERT: It has more to do with autonomy and influence and less (ok, nothing) to do with beauty and admiration. We talk about life, my work as a body image and eating psychology coach, family, privilege, favorites and more.

We covered a lot of ground in this brief interview and I am happy to share it with you!

It was wonderful to chat with Malaine and share my “rebellious” perspectives. You can hear them too by searching iTunes for “Divine Goddess Revolution Podcast” episode 2 -OR- hit the button below to listen online.

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