A six-month mentorship for the woman who’s finally ready to make peace with food, befriend her body and create a life she’s crazy about.

Imagine a future where you eat, move and exist on your own terms. A future where you trust yourself completely, keep your cool around the Oreos, feel like a fox in your crop top, consistently choose self-love over criticism, smile till your cheeks hurt, and wake each morning with gratitude.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Well, that future’s not a fantasy. It’s yours, UNRESTRICTED.

Can you relate to any of the following frustrations?


You’re obsessed and you have the smartphone apps, food scale, body fat calipers, clean eating cookbook collection, and fitspo-laden social media feed to prove it. Your personal life revolves around your workout schedule. And you’ve been known to cancel plans with friends and postpone dates when they interfere with exercise. You count calories, research superfoods, bookmark “fat-burning workouts,” stress over menus, memorize nutrition facts and go to bed each night planning tomorrow’s food and fitness plan. When you aren’t eating (only those foods recommended for weight loss, of course) you’re thinking about eating – and wishing you could be the kind of woman who enjoys just one cookie or half an order of curly fries without becoming a rabid binge eating monster that devours everything in sight.


You’ve climbed onto hundreds of wagons and fallen HARD from every single one of them. At first you’re a master of restraint, refusing the appetizers and regularly skipping dessert. But, eventually you find yourself standing in a sea of candy bar wrappers and empty cereal boxes eating guacamole with your bare hands. You’re a classic yo-yo dieter, hoping a new set of food rules will give you the weight loss (and the life) you’ve been looking for and blaming yourself when this diet turns out to be like all the rest – a failure. Still, you can’t help but try yet another plan, sure that the “perfect” diet for you is only one more credit card swipe, whole foods challenge or pre-packaged faux-food meal away.


You don’t recognize yourself and hate what you see in the mirror. Every morning you greet your reflection, lift your shirt and check your belly before slinking away in defeat and disbelief. You step on the scale often, selling your soul to the number it flashes. When your weight is up you become a human wrecking ball fixed on destroying yourself, your relationships and the nearest bag of chips. When it’s down you celebrate, but only for a minute because you “still have so far to go.” You don’t trust your body. No matter how little you eat or how hard you work, your shorts aren’t getting any smaller. You want your old body back, the one without the cellulite, stretch marks or squishy arms. The one with a normal appetite not bent on inhaling a dozen cupcakes in one pass. You’re tired of crying on your closet floor, cancelling plans and ducking out of photos because you’re too ashamed to be seen.


You feel stuck, exhausted and broken. You’re filled to the brim with self-doubt (and sympathy chocolates) and the mean girl voice in your head won’t shut up. The louder she gets the lonelier you feel. There was a time when you had clarity and confidence, but not now. It seems like everyone but you has a handle on love, friendships, family, work, parenting and fun. Not to mention, you feel like you’re the only member of your girl gang who loses her shit around onion rings and doesn’t rock it in a romper. You wish you could end your fixation on fitness and flat abs so you’d have more time to focus on other things in life – like hitting on that hottie from the coffee shop, applying for the management position at work, taking a road trip to the California coast or ending a toxic relationship. Despite your best efforts you can’t seem to put the sparkle back in your world.


You’ve spent so many years chasing perfection that you’ve forgotten who you really are. Deep down, you know your purpose must be greater than a thinner body or a cleaner carrot cake recipe. But, you have no idea how to break the chains that are holding you back from discovering it.

Sound familiar? Here’s the good news:

Your food and body struggles can end NOW.

You don’t have to spend another moment feeling stuck and unsupported.

You can make positive changes, be healthy and happy, and create a life you love.


Together, we can take you here:


You’ll be beautifully self-aware and sensitive to your own needs and desires. You’ll no longer be ashamed of your opinions, preferences or traits. And you won’t be hiding behind your weight loss goals or waiting on “perfection” to do what makes you happy. Instead, you’ll create space in your life for the activities and people that light you up and let go of the relationships and responsibilities that don’t. You’ll tell your unreliable roommate to start apartment hunting, hire a landscaper, have honest conversations with your partner about the future, pursue your dream job, and set aside time each week for the things you love like happy hours, long hikes and voice lessons. You’ll be a priority in your life, not an afterthought. And you’ll ditch the guilt that you once associated with self-care.


You’ll feel like a babe in your body. You’ll wear clothes that fit flawlessly – no squishing, squeezing nor spilling. And you’ll be cool with daytime lovemaking sessions and bare-bottomed gazes in the mirror. Health will rebound, hormones will regulate and digestion will heal. You’ll break up with the scale not only because your weight remains stable no matter how many s’mores you eat, but because pounds no longer influence happiness nor your habits. You’ll move your body in ways that you love and participate in activities – like dancing and cycling – for fun not fat loss. You’ll thank your body daily for the wonderful way that she functions and nourish her with rest, pleasure, play and feel-good nutrition. For the first time in a long time, you’ll be at home in your body – safe, secure and sexy as hell.


You’ll be a master of mindful eating, choosing foods that make your feel and function best. And you’ll never be deprived again. When the craving strikes, you’ll visit your favorite diner for an order of chocolate chip waffles, topped with strawberries – NOT SHAME. Sometimes you’ll be content with just a few bites of a meal. Other times, you’ll slam an entire crab cake entrée (including the leafy green garnish) – guilt free. And when you get hungry a few hours later, you’ll bake a pan of brownies and enjoy one – still gooey and warm – with an ice-cold glass of almond milk and no urge to binge. You will trust your appetite completely, munching kale and cookies with the same ease. Your love for your body will translate to what’s on your plate. You’ll enjoy nourishing foods in quantities that satisfy you and won’t leave you feeling stuffed. And you’ll finally have the pleasure and peace around food that you’ve been hoping for.


You’ll be full of gratitude for the changes you’ve made and the incredible life you’re creating. And you’ll find it hard to remember the dull days of food and body obsession. You’ll be free and full of confidence. Sure, that inner mean-girl will still worry and whine sometimes, but you’ll no longer believe her. Instead, you’ll hush her gently, give her a wink and whisper “watch me.” You’ll be full of love and light and passion. And on the hard days, when disappointment comes or heartbreak happens, you’ll have the tools and self-compassion to cope. No body hate nor binge eating required.

This is life UNRESTRICTED. And it’s yours, if you want it.



That’s half a year of individualized attention from me. You’ve spent ages hating your body, controlling your food and postponing your dreams. Six months gives you plenty of time to uproot the old beliefs and patterns that were holding you back and create a new inspiring way to care for yourself, all while experiencing the inevitable ups and downs of life WITH ME BY YOUR SIDE!


We’ll hit the ground running with a questionnaire designed to give me plenty of useful information about your relationship to food, body, yourself and others. Next, we’ll follow that up with a 50-minute phone call to discuss your answers, get clear on your goals and lay the foundation for your bi-weekly coaching sessions.


This is where the magic happens. These sessions are customized to you and your needs. You’ll share your thoughts, concerns and experiences while I listen attentively. Then I’ll provide intuitive counsel on how to overcome your personal struggles with food and body, become more self-aware, and create a life that you love.


In addition to the insights and advice I offer during our coaching sessions, I’ll follow up with a summary of our work together including recommended mindset shifts and action steps to support your progress. These emails are full of gems that you can refer to often whether you simply want to reflect on the progress you’ve made or you’re ready to challenge yourself with some “homework.”


That’s right, you’ll have my number and you can use it whenever you’re looking for real-time advice or encouragement. Whether you need someone to remind you why MyFitnessPal is not actually your pal, give you a virtual high-five after a victory, talk you down from the fitting room ledge or help you navigate an awkward conversation with your spouse – I’m there.


I’ve got a thing for surprises and the postal service (both the mail carriers and the band). And because you’re a member of the Unrestricted Mentorship Program, you reap the benefits! I’ll send you gifts to inspire you on your journey and celebrate your personal growth. If it reminds me of you, I’ll snatch it up and snail mail it your way!

***AS AN ADDED BONUS: You’ll receive my latest course, THE BINGE EATING BREAKUP PLAN, absolutely free. This self-paced e-course is a great supplement to the UNRESTRICTED mentorship. It’s full of proven practices and trustworthy tips for dumping binges and finding freedom with food - for good!

Please, don’t waste another minute counting, cardio-ing or condemning yourself for approval.

And don’t blow another hard-earned paycheck believing the broken promises of quick-fix detoxes and fad fitness plans. I know it can be tempting to close your eyes, hold your breath and try “just one more time.” I have plenty of experience with crossing my fingers and hoping that my ultimate happiness was waiting around the next low-carb corner.

And you and I both know, it’s not worth it.

Life’s too short, sister.

And you’ve got more important things to do then guzzle shitty shakes and suck in your gut for the next twenty years.

If you’re ready to escape the prison of perpetual dieting, break free from body shame and flee the scene of a lackluster life with me as your getaway driver,

Due to the individual level of care and support provided through the Unrestricted Mentorship Program, space is limited. Please enter your contact information below to receive an application and get more details.
(Qualifying clients are accepted in the order that they apply).


  • Lu has been a guiding light throughout my journey to nurture my relationship with food and my body. Lu has a gift for suggesting insights or exercises that help you to look at things differently, she's helped me realize that having these issues is the product of a whole web of underlying reasons that I'd never considered before. She is extremely open about her own story and her honesty made me realize that Lu is someone who can be trusted to successfully guide others in their own journeys. She is living proof that working to heal our issues surrounding food and our bodies is worth it! Her bubbly and warm personality shines through her work in the intuitive eating and body positive community and I feel extremely lucky to have crossed virtual paths with her. If you are considering working with Lu, I would highly recommend it and can assure you that you won't only gain a coach, but also a friend.

    Alice Dalrymple
    Alice Dalrymple Instagram
  • Lu has the ability to make you feel like she has known you from the moment you first talk. I'm a born type-A person with perfectionist tendencies - it is no wonder that I slipped into diet mentality so easily and became obsessive around food and exercise. Working with Lu, I slowly loosened that grip. I feel freer and like a new energy has awoken within me. The amazing thing about working with Lu is that the transformation is not a jolt or a huge awakening (which is a good thing) - she helps you to discover the person that's always been inside and allows you to embrace that and come home to it. One day you look back on your old behaviors and you realize how far you've come. Working with Lu I realized where my values in life truly lie - I want to spend my time living and loving in my life and not wondering about my weight or food.

    Victoria Program Manager
  • Before working with Lu, I didn’t have very good tools for tackling things that had been bothering me for years about my life, my relationships, and about my body. I would have described myself as overwhelmed and lacking in confidence, even if I didn’t appear that way to others. I heard Lu on a podcast and decided to explore the possibility of working together. On our first call, I knew she already believed in me, more than I believed in myself. Through our time together, I have learned to trust more – to trust that I don’t need to know all of the steps on my journey before I take the first one, that I only need to figure out the next right step, and that I am okay and enough exactly as I am. My relationships with myself, my husband, and my kids have improved. I have learned to advocate for myself in new ways, as well as to soften toward others who are doing the best they can with what they know. I appreciate Lu’s passionate spirit and warm heart, and I am so grateful for having found my way to the mentorship with her.

  • I used to be a slave to the scale. The bodyweight scale, food scale, how much weight was on the bar at the gym, myfitnesspal, my macro counts… basically any exact measurement of fitness achievement I could calculate. I was constantly exercising to manipulate my body and of course, no matter what I ate, no matter how many squats I did, I could STILL find something I wanted to chisel away at. I exhausted, ignored and pushed my body. I didn’t trust her. Not only this, but I was living in a constant state of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear that others would find out I was an imposter at my place of work. Fear of showing up as who I really was inside because I wanted to be liked. (I shudder at that word now…) I had ZERO confidence in myself and I was a perpetual doormat. I knew I did not want to live the rest of my life this way. And that’s when I found Lu. She is real and transparent and she challenged me to show up in the world that way too. Lu is dynamic and her insight into the struggles women deal with in today’s society makes her invaluable. She is non-judgmental and can hold space for you, no matter what walk of life you come from. That is a true gift. She’s the honest girlfriend that we all wish we had, the person who will tell you what you need to hear, and her devotion is genuine. Since working with Lu I no longer recognize the person that I was. The way I see myself is completely different. I don’t look in the mirror constantly. I don’t pick apart my body. I see myself as a whole and recognize that I am actually a pretty amazing human with values, opinions, and things that I give a shit about.  It is such a peaceful and freeing feeling to know that I am 100% okay as I am, right now. I've started pursuing creative interests that have nothing to do with fitness or food and I've begun to cultivate what it means to be uniquely me. I’d recommend Lu to anyone who is struggling with food and body…but really to any woman who feels she isn’t living the life she wants to be. To any woman who is afraid to pursue joy and to any woman who doesn’t feel that they are showing up in the world as the person they really are.

    Erica Augustyniak
    Erica Augustyniak Family Nurse Practitioner
  • I silently struggled with an eating disorder for ten years. Starting in high school through law school, I was entrenched in the restrictive eating and over-exercising cycle. As my mental health and physical health deteriorated, I spent years feeling ashamed, hopeless, and lonely. I never thought I would find a way out. But I did: it was Lu. From the moment I spoke with her, I knew Lu was the extra help I needed for breaking the cycle. In an instant, I felt supported, heard, and empowered. Lu has an uncanny ability to listen without judgment and to respond with profound understanding. In the six months I worked with Lu, I completely transformed. I am no longer obsessed with exercise, calories, or weight. I eat and move to nourish my body rather than to punish my body. My eyes have been opened to the wide-spread reach of diet culture and I have a new understanding of what healthy means. In addressing my food and body issues, I have been able to take on and evaluate other areas in my life such as my career, relationships, and finding my purpose. I am forever grateful that Lu came into my life. She was a truly bright, guiding light in a time of great uncertainty and fear. I have gained more things than I can count, but one of the most important: a badass, caring, insightful friend.

    Ally Attorney
  • Paleo, low-carb, counting macros, "good food and bad food." Any of this sound familiar to you? How about guilt after eating a piece of chocolate or bingeing because you missed a workout? This was me before I met Lu. Before Lu, I lived a life completely ruled by food and fitness. I followed all the fitspo accounts on social media and dove head first into the latest fitness trends. What I was hoping to gain from the social media accounts were fresh ideas and daily motivation to be better and look better. Little did I know, it was only fueling my body shame through constant comparison.
    Lu was a godsend who helped me in more ways than I can count. She was the nonjudgmental listening ear that I was so desperate to have. Lu helped me through some of my darkest times, challenged my thoughts and beliefs, and ultimately helped me to live a life of balance and love: love for myself. 
    I am beyond grateful for Lu and her heart to help others love themselves in a society that is telling us otherwise. If you struggle with food or body issues, reach out to Lu, you'll be glad you did.
    Rachael Rodgers
    Rachael Rodgers Speech Language Pathologist
  • I've always struggled with food and body image stuff. When life got out of control I would turn to food restriction and over exercising in order to cope. Eventually, this led me to a bad relationship with a "fitness coach" who had me eating barely any calories and working out like a maniac. I was miserable and gaining weight. But, most of all, I had lost my connection to self. I was in a job I hated, living in a city that didn't feel like home and practicing pleasing everyone but myself. That's when I found Lu. Now, I'm working a new job, chasing my dreams of building my own company. I eat what I want and actually desire foods that nourish me. I no longer shame myself when I don't feel like working out and I have a respectful relationship with my body. I've learned to be the observer of my thoughts and actions and I take steps every day to get closer to the life that I want to be living. I remember when I first began working with Lu and was afraid that she wouldn't be able to help me. I thought I was stuck in diet mentality and body hate forever. But, she did the impossible. If you feel out of touch with who you are or what you want in life, if you are struggling with food and hating on your body, if you are even considering working with Lu - DO IT!  She is more than a mentor. She really is your fan-girl, cheerleader, best friend and big sister. She's approachable and SO SUPPORTIVE. I love how she could always tell me what I needed to hear, even if I didn't want to hear it. She has the biggest heart ever and I will always think of her as the bright star who helped me to find my way home to myself.

    Jenna Paley
    Jenna Paley Music Industry Audiologist
  • In high school I suffered from anorexia. Years later, after my daughter was born, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Disease which caused me to gain weight. So, I started eating “clean” and restricting. I weighed every macro of food and took boot camp style fitness classes for 4 years. This all resulted in severe anxiety attacks and a mental disorder. I was anxious around food and started to dread my workouts. I wanted to feel normal again. So I took the plunge towards intuitive eating and body positivity. This is when I found Lu on Instagram. She has changed my perspective on what “healthy” means. I no longer wake up early to kill myself in a workout. I sleep well and I enjoy my life with family and friends again without worrying so much about food. I can eat ice cream with my kids and don’t have to use a food scale for dinner. I eat what I want and no longer have guilt. I used to force my body to do so much and now I listen to my body in order to make decisions. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am satisfied. I recommend Lu to any woman who wants to get to know herself again. If you want freedom from restriction, if you want to love yourself as you are or to just live life again.... Lu is your go to girl! She truly is an inspiration to me daily. If you work with Lu, she devotes herself to making you feel like you truly matter, because you do. She also treats you as if you have all of the answers within you. But, it's how she helps you dig deep to pull your answers to the surface, piece by piece that really amazes me.

    Brandi Stay at Home Mother of 6
  • For the first time in my life, I'm tossing out the lies about my body and embracing truth. I'm walking in freedom in my relationship with food and taking one day at a time with better health habits. I'm so grateful. My daughter says that I'm happier and "seem prettier." Confidence is contagious!

    Mia Fuller
    Mia Fuller
  • Lu is the absolute best! I really needed someone to open up to about my struggles with disordered eating and exercise and she was a listening ear that provided a safe space for me to share, free of judgement. All of her recommendations for resources and homework exercises were tailored just for me and my needs as I continued to progress on the journey of self acceptance and body love. Since my faith is very important to me, she was able to incorporate spiritual principles for a holistic approach to healing. Lu is filled with awesome insight and can relate to her clients from having "been there." She helped me connect the dots to uncover the deeper underlying beliefs that fueled my body image issues. Addressing those issues is certainly hard work but so worth it and key to rewiring how I view myself. It feels good to listen to my body and give it what it needs instead of expending inordinate amounts of energy to shame myself into diets and over-exercise only to rebound and repeat the cycle again. I would highly recommend Lu to anyone struggling to be free from the chains of food and exercise addiction and seeking to love what they see in the mirror everyday.

    Kristin G.
    Kristin G.
  • I had the pleasure of coaching alongside of Lu for an incredible organization called Girls On The Run. Throughout this 10 week program we inspired young girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Lu taught our team of 8-10 year old girls many powerful lessons, especially those pertaining to positive body image and self esteem. She possesses an impressive instinct for instilling a sense of healthy self in them. Her wisdom and knowledge were invaluable, and I don't know anyone else that could have taught this delicate material with so much grace, patience, and care. Lu inspires me with her passion for her work.  She is candid about her personal journey and speaks to women as someone who has been in their shoes and is now a surviving, thriving example. Her advice is accurate and effective.  Lu is nonjudgmental and her empathy as well as her knowledge of eating psychology makes her a perfect fit for any young girl or women going through food and/or body struggles. 

    Kelley Donovan
    Kelley Donovan Grad Student + Personal Trainer
  • Working with Lu was the best wake up call! Her coaching shifted my perception. She met me where I was (at a very profound low) and gently got me back on track by revealing my false beliefs and working together with me to dissolve them. It was as if I had a computer glitch and our work together was a complete reboot to my operating system! While at first I was skeptical, it only took a few sessions to recognize Lu's authenticity. I could not believe the level of care and love she put into her coaching. It's what allowed me to trust her completely. Lu has the deepest capacity to love, listen and hold space. After each coaching session Lu sends a thoughtfully written review, highlighting the important points and offering feedback filled with pearls. This recap is worth it’s weight in gold. No other coach I’ve worked with does this. In between coaching calls when I felt the need to check in via text her responses were timely, validating and always brought peace of mind. She is truly gifted, a master at her work.

    Laurie Sagalyn
    Laurie Sagalyn Founder, Girls Without Limits
  • Lu makes you feel supported the moment you start talking to her. I told her all kinds of things in our first conversation that I don't even share with the people closest to me (she's magic like that). Her knowledge doesn't just come from books and videos, it comes from her life experience. I think of Lu as a maverick --someone who's willing to state her authentic opinion, be honest, have a voice & speak up. I admire her and recommend her coaching for anyone whose candle feels like it's barely burning. She'll give you the tools to get the flame bright again.

    Renee Nemmers
    Renee Nemmers CPT, CEPC
  • In a few words, Lu is AMAZING. You will never meet someone as authentic, compassionate, genuine, and completely empathetic towards others. This girl is the real deal. She laughs with you, cries with you, and most importantly she is honest. When I think of Lu, I think of her boldness and brave spirit that came out from her personal experiences to help other women overcome their own battles of body image. She helped me to OWN my story and not to be ashamed of my past with an eating disorder. To learn, move on, and grow from it. I am thankful that she is speaking out in a diet and skinny obsessed world and that she is sharing her knowledge with so many people, allowing them to be set free from negative body image. She is a gift!!

    Amy Chura
    Amy Chura Owner, You Are Youniquely Beautiful
  • Talk about a woman who is 110% committed to her purpose and her mission! I am sincerely blown away by the work ethic, the integrity and level of dedication Lu has with her clients! I am clear this was a soul connection and that the universe brought Lu into my life when God knew I needed someone to stand for me with so much conviction, hope and belief when I was ready to face one of the most difficult things I have been through with my deep rooted body image challenges. It was time to leave the old story behind and Lu became my partner though the highs and lows and was always there when I needed her. She is a force of light that is here to heal the world one soul at a time. Beyond grateful for this angel in my life!

    Britta Aragon
    Britta Aragon CV Skinlabs and Detox Your Life Coaching
  • I'm really glad I found Lu! She's helped me to change my life in profound ways and I feel more capable than ever to handle what comes. I no longer struggle with food and for the first time in what seems like years, I've been able to relax around eating and enjoy it for what it is. I've become more in tune with my body's needs and know what foods make her thrive. More importantly, I've gained a new found self-love for this beautiful body of mine and no longer agonize over "imperfections." Lu has helped me to choose celebration over criticism, which has completely shifted my perspective of my body, as well as my life. I always leave our conversations feeling like the best version of myself. She helps provide clarity in tough-to-navigate situations and guides me into higher states of self-awareness. I'm so thankful I have Lu on my side. She's been such a gift to me, as well as those around me, and I know I will benefit from our mentorship for many years to come.

    Raff CVICU RN & Mom of 3


Why six months?

Because most of us have spent a VERY LONG TIME steeped in diet culture, self-loathing, shame, restrictive eating patterns, over exercise and destructive behaviors around food and body. Six months is really only the tip of the iceberg. You’re writing a new chapter to your life story, and that takes time.

Plus, it takes experience.

Six months allows you to go deep, get clear and experience some of the inevitable ups and downs of life WITH ME BY YOUR SIDE!  From binge episodes or triggering events, to restrictive thoughts over the holidays, work pressures, a broken relationship or a season of grief that has you wanting to run to the nearest nutella jar and dive in – I’ll be there to guide you, encourage you and show you a kinder, gentler way to relate to yourself and accordingly, food and body – no matter what kind of CRAZY life throws your way.

What will it cost me?

The Unrestricted Mentorship requires an investment of time, resources and energy. And I don’t use the term “investment” lightly. It implies the expectation that your contribution will yield profit and get results, which is exactly the outcome we’ll create together through this individualized, private coaching experience.

Consider the many fad diets, powdered shakes, tracking apps, portion-sized containers, subscriptions, workout DVDs, membership fees, mail-order faux meals, pills, books, equipment and “challenges” you’ve paid for. Did those things produce long-lasting results and provide you with the peace, freedom and self-acceptance you were after? Or did they end up FAILING MISERABLY (and blaming you for it)?

The 60+ billion dollar diet industry is shady like that. But, I’m not.

Our work together is productive and the outcomes are sustainable. There’s no one-size-fits-all canned sessions, no gimmicks nor illusions. There’s simply YOU + ME partnering towards an approach to life that is free of guilt, unending body stress, food freak-outs and those disgusting diet drinks too. You’ll acquire powerful tools to deconstruct and reconstruct your view of self. These concepts and practices will be useful long after the mentorship is over. Ultimately, YOU WILL EAT, MOVE AND LIVE ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

While no one can put a price on that freedom, here’s mine:

Unrestricted Mentorship Fee – $3,250 USD (payment plans and scholarships available)

What exactly will I learn?

That’s a tough question to answer because no two clients will have identical discoveries when it comes to their food and body struggles. Eating behaviors, fitness obsessions and body image woes are merely symptoms. Our work together will expose the roots of these symptoms and those roots are different for everyone (though there are certainly some universal culprits). Plus, I will want to create goals WITH YOU to design a path towards what is ultimately most fulfilling and important FOR YOU to get out of this mentorship.  It’s completely individualized. So, we’ll create a vision together and go after it!

I help women to be who they are and eat what they want in a body they love. which means that our work together isn’t simply or even MOSTLY about food.  We go deeper than that to address not only physical health but mental and emotional health too. At the end of the coaching program you will be more at peace with YOU.  If restriction, yo-yo dieting, binge eating or overeating are your struggles they’ll likely be in the past.  You’ll be taking better care of yourself on several levels and you’ll be keenly aware of manipulating marketing schemes and inaccurate food and body myths designed to influence your self image and your spending. You will start a rewarding friendship with your body and an intimate relationship with SELF.

I want you to know how to safeguard your heart and mind from damaging input and work through life’s SCHTUFF without always turning to food or punishing your body with restrictive diets and militant exercise. I want you to be free. And I’ll show you the tools and practices to get there.

Will I lose weight?

Maybe. Maybe not. I can’t say. And as a Body Positive, Health at Every Size practitioner, I couldn’t care less.

If your body is holding on to extra weight related to toxic thought patterns, stress, yo-yo diets, nutritional deficiencies, fear, or binge eating behaviors then it’s possible that weight loss may be a side effect of the program. But, if you are already at your weight set point and simply unhappy to be there then weight loss may not happen for you due to brilliant biological powers outside of your control. However, acceptance and increased confidence are always yours for the taking.


My passion is in facilitating an approach to eating, exercise and lifestyle that is flexible, kind and nurturing FOREVER.  I want you to love that body of yours and trust her so damn much that you intuitively know how to eat, how to move and how to spend your time.  Oh, and I want you to have tons of free head space for all of the finer things in life, like daydreaming, book reading, traveling to magical places and enjoying your friends and family.

Can I do the mentorship from anywhere?

Absolutely!  The Unrestricted Mentorship Program can reach around the world (and it has!)  As long as you have a reliable internet connection, email and a phone – WE’RE GOOD.

What if I have an eating disorder?

If you have been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, etc.) or believe that you have one, this program IS NOT a substitute for medical care and licensed therapy. The Unrestricted Mentorship can be an excellent support during or after treatment in order to encourage and maintain recovery. But, it should not be considered a replacement for proper medical and psychological attention.

Please consult your own healthcare professionals to discuss the course of action that is best for you.

*This program is intended for yo-yo dieters, binge eaters, fitness fanatics, and other individuals who desire sanity around food and/or exercise. It’s an excellent resource for those who want to stop the hustle involved in dieting and quit obsessing over the latest food and fitness rules. The Unrestricted Mentorship is also a powerful support for those seeking to improve body image and self-love habits.  And, as previously mentioned, can be an excellent resource for individuals who would like to supplement their medical/professional ED treatment though it is not to be considered a sole source of care.

What if I am unsatisfied and want a refund?

I’m not interested in keeping money that I didn’t earn. And you should question any practitioner who is!

SO, HERE’S THE DEAL – if you (or I) determine that the mentorship has reached a premature end and that determination is communicated according to the terms of our contract, a portion of your mentorship fee will be refunded to you based on the pro-rata share of outstanding services.

What if I’m on the fence?

No problem. Committing to the Unrestricted Mentorship and taking the leap to completely revolutionize your relationship to food, body and self is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Of course it requires consideration and maybe some conversation too.

If you’re on the fence, sign up to receive an application below. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with me and hear from my references (past clients) if you’d like.


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